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Our attorneys have a proven track record with high asset divorces, including the division of closely held corporations and complicated trust matters.  We divide assets strategically to avoid post-divorce litigation and unnecessary expense.

Our attorneys will customize a parenting plan based upon your family's needs.  We take into consideration the children's ages, religious preferences, and educational demands.  We create successful parenting plans for all types of families to reduce stress on everyone. 

Alimony/Spousal Maintenance

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​Our flat fee divorce pricing structure takes the unpredictability out of hiring an attorney.  Our award winning attorneys know how to accomplish your goals on a flat fee basis without compromising the quality of representation that you receive.  Read about our unique pricing structure and schedule your free telephone consultation to find out if flat fee divorce is right for you.  Our attorneys will also accept hourly representation for complicated matters not within the scope of our flat fee packages.

Calculating child support in Arizona can be complicated but our attorneys know how to maximize the itemizations in the child support calculator to make child support fair and equitable.  

Division of Assets: Real property/trusts/business

Arizona law requires the payment of alimony in some cases. Our attorneys have extensive experience in calculating alimony awards and can assist you in determining whether you have a valid claim or defense to alimony.

Parenting Plans

Child Support

​Disclaimer: Not all matters will qualify for flat fee pricing.  To the extent that your matter does not qualify for flat fee pricing, hourly fee representation is available for $200-$325 an hour. Nothing on this website or any other written communication from Scottsdale Divorce & Mediation, PLLC requires that an attorney undertake representation of any particular matter nor does it constitute legal advice.  Scottsdale Divorce & Mediation, PLLC reserves the right to decline representation of any potential client. An attorney-client relationship commences upon the execution of Scottsdale Divorce & Mediation, PLLC's fee agreement and payment of all fees. Representation and flat fee pricing are at the sole discretion of an attorney.